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Children's book author Kimm Irwin


Children’s book author Kimm Irwin grew up in Northern Idaho. After graduating high school, she attended college and then completed a Dental Assisting vocational program.

Kimm had the unique experience of owning and operating a working cattle ranch for several years. This allowed her to stay home and focus on raising her children, which was extremely important to her.

When her kids were older, Kimm worked in marketing and advertising for a radio broadcasting company. She enjoyed this work, as it allowed her to flex her creative writing muscles.

Children's book author Kimm Irwin with her grandkids

Home and Hobbies

Kimm has 5 children and 4 grandkids. As with many moms (and grandmas), her family means everything to her.

Kimm is an animal lover to her core, which is why a portion of the proceeds of the book is being donated to an animal welfare charity.

From dogs and cats, to horses, goats, a pig, chickens, and cattle, she loves—and has—them all!

When Kimm’s not writing or spending time with her kids or grandkids (or fur kids), she enjoys travelling, scuba diving, reading, and listening to music.

As a Children’s Book Author

Kimm has always loved to write. She has dabbled in short stories in the past, and even got about half-way through writing a murder mystery novel before setting it aside.

When the idea of writing a children’s book came about, Kimm knew she was on to something she could pour her heart into. Not long after, The Adventures of Flossy and Pebbles the Dane was born!

You never know if she’ll revisit that murder mystery novel; for now and the foreseeable future, Kimm says that she’s remaining focused on the Flossy and Pebbles the Dane series. She is currently working on their next adventure, and expects it to be available in early 2021.

Kimm Irwin author of the childrens book series The Adventures of Flossy and Pebbles the Dane at her writing desk

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