10 Ideas for Creating a Cute and Cozy Reading Nook for Kids

Young African American girl sitting on a floor cushion in a teepee reading nook for kids, reading a book with her Chihuahua sitting next to her.

Encourage a love of books and reading by creating a comfy reading nook for your kids. Check out these 10 cute and cozy ideas for inspiration!

Fostering a love for books and reading in your child is so important. The benefits of being an avid reader extend far beyond the sheer enjoyment of getting lost in another world (although that’s a good thing, too).

Reading benefits children in so many ways: from improving vocabulary, to increasing empathy, to improving concentration and future academic performance.

The value of reading carries on into adulthood as well, with studies showing that reading can reduce stress, help you get a better night’s sleep, and reduce cognitive decline as you get older.

In addition to providing your kids with great children’s books, creating a comfy, cozy reading space in is an excellent way to encourage them to fall in love with reading.

To help with that, I’ve shared 10 cute and creative kids reading nook ideas below for your inspiration.

3 Key Elements Every Kids Reading Nook Needs

Before we get to the list, let’s take a quick look at the 3 essential elements every reading nook or corner needs:

1. Good Lighting

4 floor lamps for kids reading spaces; a light tan lamp with wicker shade, a pink alpaca unicorn lamp, a modern floor lamp with bell-shaped metal shade in mustard and one in pink, and an alligator shaped green floor lamp.
Image credits from left to right: Rattan floor lamp–; Alpaca floor lamp –; Adjustable metal lamp –; Animal-shaped lamp –

Good lighting will reduce eye strain and encourage longer reading sessions. While natural and overhead lighting should be considered, having focused light from a floor, task, or reading lamp will create the ideal reading experience for your child.

Table and clip lights for kids reading nook; a white and light blue lmap with cat ears, a deer shaped light green lamp, a pink flower shaped light, and an owl light that clips onto a book.
Image credits from left to right: Pet lamp–; Deer desk lamp- Sallano/; Flower lamp-; Flexilight Pals-

Look for lamps that are adjustable, both in terms of direction of light and brightness. The color temperature can even be changed on some lamps, from a cooler light for day, to softer, warmer tones for bedtime reading.

2. Comfy Seating

As you’ll see in the ideas I’ve shared below, book nook seating can come in all forms—from floor cushions to bench seats, to chairs, to even swings!

The most important things to remember when you’re selecting the seating is that it’s super comfy and appropriately-sized for your kiddo.

3. Easy to Reach Book Storage

On the left is a grey children's bookcase shaped like a house; on the right is a white and wood mid-century modern bookcase filled with kids' books and toys.
Left image credit:; Right image:

Whether you hang shelves or use bookcases, drawers, or bins to stash your child’s books, make sure they’re placed within close distance of the nook and at a height that is easy for your little one to reach.

On the left is colorful wall shelves holding children's books; on the right is a wooden rectangular book bin on the floor painted white with the saying 'Books give you dreams even when you are not sleeping.'
Left image credit:; Right image: fortoddlers /

Now that you know the basic components every reading space needs, it’s time to get creative!

10 ideas for a cute and cozy reading nook for kids.

1. Comfy Kids Reading Nook Chair

As mentioned above, comfortable seating is a must-have for any reading nook. And a cushy chair is the most obvious choice to fulfill that need.

A colorful patchwork club chair and a neutral sherpa club chair for a kids reading nook
Left image credit:; Right:

Kid-sized chairs come in every style and color you can imagine. The Jacey Floral Chair from Wayfair (above, left) brings whimsy to the classic club chair shape with its colorful patchwork design.

And the Powell May Trellis Kids Chair from Ashley Furniture (above, right) adds a fun twist to its otherwise understated mid-century modern styling with sherpa upholstery.

3 kids foam chairs with cute faces- a pink kitten, brown bear, and white unicorn.
Image credit:

If you’re looking for something more cutesy for your little one’s reading space, check out these adorable chairs from Pottery Barn Kids. They come in many fun styles and patterns, and personalization is available.

Two kids bean bag chairs- One covered in multi-colored pastel sherpa, and the other is white with red thread made to look like a baseball.
Image credit: both from

Bean bags are popular with young and older kids alike. The Heritage Club Rainbow Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair in Pastel Tie Dye and the ACEssential Vinyl Bean Bag, (which also comes in basketball, football, and soccer themes) are just a couple of examples of the vast selection of colors, shapes, and patterns available in bean bag chairs.

2 young girls reading a book in a papasan chair on the left, and a kids saucer chair with The Child printed on it on the right.
Left image credit:; right image:

Papasan or saucer chairs are perfect for kids to curl up in with their favorite books.

If the chair is large enough for two, even better! Snuggling up while reading to or with your children is a special bonding experience that they will carry with them in their hearts for years to come.

2. Kids Book Nook Swing Chair

A swing chair can make a whimsical focal point for a children’s reading nook.

cute kids reading nook idea with swing chair

The author of details how she created this cute reading space for her little one with some floating shelves (love!) and a chair swing from Ikea.

kid sitting in swing chair next to brown bookcase with tree painted on the wall behind it

I adore the tree Jennifer created as a backdrop for the bookcase in her daughter’s reading corner. She says it’s made of “cheap, brown tissue paper glued to the wall using Elmer’s school glue,” and that the leaves were cut from a Junie B. Jones book. She purchased her cocoon chair from Ikea as well. Image credit: Jennifer /

I couldn’t find the chair on Ikea’s website at the time of this writing, but Amazon has something very similar that comes in a few different colors.

rattan kids swing chair

If your decorating style leans toward the boho or organic, you could use a macrame chair swing (like this one from Wayfair). Or you could opt for one made from natural fibers like rattan, wicker, or bamboo, like the chair pictured on the left. Image credit:

Whichever style you prefer, just make sure your ceiling can bear the weight of the swing so your kiddos stay safe. provides tips for securely installing a swing chair.

3. Floor Pillows for Reading Nook Seating

Some kids may be more comfy camping out on the floor with their favorite books than sitting (or swinging) in a chair. If this is the case for your child, you should have no problem finding a cozy floor pillow or cushion in a style, color, and pattern you both love.

flower floor cushion pillow for kids reading nook or corner
Image credit: Raayan Cushions /

This “flower” cushion from Raayan Cushions on Etsy, for example, comes in several colors and patterns, and fits snugly in the corner of a room—perfect for tight spaces.

large floor cushions for kids in grey and turquoise
Image credit:

These XL floor pillows from offer a simpler and more streamlined look. They come in grey, bright pink, and turquoise blue.

flower floor cushions
Image credit:

Walmart offers a more literal take on the flower floor cushion. I’m kind of in love with this floor pillow, not to mention what they did with the room—that faux fencing on the wall is so adorable!

2 young kids reading a book on a fold-out floor cushion
Image credit:

If you’re the crafty type, you could make the floor pillow for your child’s reading nook yourself. Diyncrafts has a roundup of 22 DIY floor pillow tutorials in varying styles, sizes, and difficulty levels.

4. Window Seat Reading Nook for Kids

Creating a kids reading nook in front of a window is an ideal choice for the natural lighting.

If you’re fortunate enough to have the built-ins, then most of the work is done for you already—add some easy to reach book storage, a comfy cushion, and some cute throw pillows and decor, and the space is ready for your little reader.

Cute window seat kids reading nook with a black and white striped seat cushion and a throw pillow and hot air balloon mobile in bright colors.
Image credit:

I love how Charlotte Smith combined bold black and white elements with the bright colors in the throw pillows and that precious hot air balloon mobile (which she purchased here— just in case you need this as much as I do) in her child’s reading nook.

2 examples of window seat book nooks, one using soft neutrals and the other using bright colors
Left image credit:; right image credit:

If you don’t have a window seat built into the structure of the room, you can easily create the look with a daybed or bench placed in front of the window.

Add some shelves or secure some bookcases to the wall on either side of the window to complete the space. If you’re really handy, you could add molding over the top to give the nook a more built-in look.

Young boy reading a book while sitting in a bookcase nook
Image credit:

Another option is to put something like this sweet little bookcase with nook from KidKraft in front of the window. I like the idea of stashing the books below the bench for easy access, as well as having the extra shelving space for decorative items.

5. Loft Bed

a kids reading nook with hot pink chair and white bookcase set up underneath a white loft bed.
Image credit:

The area underneath a loft bed is just begging to be transformed into a cozy reading nook for your kid. Adding curtains gives the nook a more private, hideaway type of feeling. And fairy lights add a magical touch to just about any space.

2 loft bed reading nook ideas-one is a white loft bed with white curtains, fairy lights, and a fluffy bean bag chair in the reading space; the other is a light blue and light wood loft bed with colorful striped curtains, a small chair, and a bookcase in the reading area beneath the bed.
Left image credit: Pinterest, source unknown; Right image:

One thing you’ll want to keep in mind when creating a reading nook under a loft bed is the dimensions of the space you have to work with—make sure the seating and other elements will fit before purchasing.

A grey loft bed with enclosed stairs over a book nook with 2 monogrammed blue chairs  and an end table with several books stacked on top of it.
Image credit: Pottery Barn Kids

That won’t be as much of an issue, of course, if you take your cue from the image below and use a floor mat or cushion for your under-loft seating.

a white loft bed with a pastel striped curtain partially covering the reading nook underneath, which has a turquoise and white-patterned floor mat and pastel print throw pillows.
Image credit:

6. Tents and Teepees and Canopies Oh My!

Indoor tents and teepees have become so popular in recent years for children’s bedroom and playroom decor. And they are perfect for creating a space in which little ones can camp out (or in) with their favorite books.

Indoor reading nook tent with gray floor cushion, and fox and other throw pillows, with shelves filled iwth kids books on the other wall.

If you’d like to have a go at making your own, the handy parents at Gray House Studio made a video tutorial for this a-shaped reading nook tent. Image credit: Gray House Studio

Tee-pee style DIY kids indoor tent with colorful floor mat and throw pillows in abstract floral patterns and a small pink plastic bin holding books.

Alternatively, you could make this easy kids’ tent that’s more reminiscent of the teepee style, courtesy of mom and DIY guru Ana White. Image credit:

Speaking of teepees, Teepee Joy has some super cute styles to choose from that are perfect for non-DIY-ers. Even better, they sell coordinating decor so nearly everything you need for your kids’ reading nook is taken care of in one place (just add lighting and books!).

2 Rooms featuring themed teepees and decor-one is fox themed and the other is sweets.
Image credit:

For a softer look, use a canopy to top off your child’s reading corner or nook.

2 kids canopy reading nooks; one is gold and the other is sheer white with rainbow colored trim.
Left image credit: FUNwithMUM /; Right image:

A little girl sitting on the floor reading a book underneath a pink patterned canopy lined with fairy lights.

You can purchase a premade canopy just about anywhere, or you could go for more of a boho vibe by hanging layered curtains, sheets, or fabric panels from the wall, as they did here. Image credit: @petitevintagebel via

7. Under Table Reading Space for Kids

If space is limited, why not have that table do double duty as a reading nook for your kids?

two under-the-table reading nooks made from a sheet and some clothespins. One uses a round table and the other uses a rectangular one.
Left image credit:; Right image:

Kelly over at provides instructions so you can make an under-the-table reading nook like she did for her oldest child (above, right). And the author of shares how she did something similar for her little one using a round table (above, left).

Two young children lying in hammocks made from sheets tied on a table
Image credit: @lorifredericks via

If the space on top of the table isn’t needed, then you can up the comfort (and fun!) factor by creating a hammock in which your little ones can read the day away. There are many tutorials out there for an under-the-table-hammock, but making one is really quite simple—it’s just a matter of securely tying the ends of a sheet together over the top of the table.

8. Closet Book Nook

An unused closet would make a perfect hideaway for your little reader.

before and after photos of a closet reading nook decorated in red, white, and blue.
Image credit:

Brittany over at shows you how to she went from before to after with her sons’ closet (pictured above).

closet transformed into a reading nook using hot pink and white curtains, cushion, and throw pillows.

And the author of this blog provides details on how her friend Lynn transformed her daughter’s closet into the perfect “girly” reading nook. Image credit:

reading nook tucked away in a closet, adorned with decorative molding.

I love how the use of decorative molding transforms an otherwise simple reading space into something extra-special. Image credit: Source unknown, via

9. Wardrobe or Armoire

2 examples of wardrobes or armoires converted to reading nooks.
Left image credit:; right:

Using a wardrobe or armoire as a reading nook for kids is one of the most creative ideas I’ve come across in a long time. People are just so clever!

While the repurposed TV armoire on the right is as cute as can be, the added details of the wallpaper background and lantern used in the piece on the left would make any child feel truly transported.

10. Outdoor Reading Space

Young girl reading in an outdoor kids reading nook made with a blanket, some pillows, and a sheet as a canopy.
Image credit:

Whether you live in a moderate climate or you want to set up a seasonal reading spot for your child, creating that space outdoors is a great way to ensure they’re getting the fresh air and sunshine they need (and, perhaps, the peace and quiet you need).

2 outdoor reading nooks for kids-one is a teepee and one is a canopy over a plush floor cushion.
Left image credit:; right:

If you feel so inclined, you can learn how to make the 5-minute teepee on the left here. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, get the plans for the awesome structure pictured below and build your little ones the outdoor book nook of their dreams.

Tween girl reading a book in a DIY outdoor reading nook hut.
Image credit:

Well, that’s a wrap on the 10 Ideas for Creating a Cute and Cozy Reading Nook for Kids. Are you inspired yet? I know I am (not to mention that precious hot air balloon mobile is still calling my name).

If you’ve used any of the ideas above or have come up with one of your own, I’d love to hear from you! Share your thoughts in the comments below, or on social media @flossypebbles.

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